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"It looks like your face caught on fire and someone tried to put it out with a fork." ((Because insulting is all Ciel ever does and also adding onto your pile of messages you already have because I'm so awful))

⊰ ♞ ⊱—;  A witty comment from a even witty imp of his Master indeed, Sebastian could or better would had replied in a way which would lit the fire between them anew, yet for a weird reason the only thing happening was a look of shock on the butlers visage.”Does it mean my Lord, that I am after all not to your liking?And here I held a hope that you might find me appealing at least a bit.”he sighed and gave a small,sad smile to the Earl.”I can only praise yours tho my Lord, such a beauty that holds two precious gems for only me to look at.”



Interior of Rococo period Pullman car. late 1800s


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New sketches by Yana Toboso <3 <3 <3


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M!A: you are madly in love with the next Ciel in your ask for a week

// I will have to bend this M!A a bit forgive me, for Sebastian does not know love and how that ‘feels’ at all, i will say that he will be even more possessive over the boy as if they are mates already…meaning yes he can get all nice and soft there…but will kill the poor bastard that will just look at Ciel, and yes he can get very rough with the Earl as well if he goes drolling over someone else….resulting in a very territorial demon who will do anything, anything at all to please his Master- even pet a dog if he has to-and that tells a lot ok. So who ever that Ciel will be…..good luck with having a very jealous demonic boyfriend :’)
the time will be 4days I am sorry, but I know how out of hand this M!A can go.
Also—it will not effect the threads which already are running, only the new asks that will start to roll in here ,thank you~


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Have you checked out Ciel's butt, it looks nice...

⊰ ♞ ⊱—;  Should be hidden perhaps better so, yet the demon smirked at the little remark before his expression turned to that of an angered best, every muscle seeming relaxed while eyes that burned like ember bore into ones soul. “I would advise you to keep such comments to yourself, as well those eyes dear Phantom. If not I will gladly take them out and put them somewhere else, prying on someone in such intimate ways do that with someone else, my young Master is off limits~”


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Many Costumes Of Ciel Phantomhive
From Character Book (?) comes with BOC DVD/Blu-Ray Vol.2
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⊰ ♞ ⊱—; Saying so that he did not notice the sudden change in his young Master would be a lie, the way his eye froze while watching his, the way his pupils dilated the moment his fingers brushed underneath his eye. This tho was something that the butler did not expect, to see the always icy gem of sapphire break, and melt under his touch. It was somewhat thrilling to know that it was his touch which had done this to the Noble who always held his head high no matter the agony, pain, or any other emotions  threatened to take over.

                       ”Are you feeling alright my Lord?Suddenly you became quite pale, paler than you already are….”deciding to not push matters even more Sebastian stilled. Carrying another outburst from the male on his shoulders today would be too much  to demand, he already saw the angered gaze and aura set aflame, as one would see when full of bloodlust. “It was my mistake, even if you are accustomed to my touch by now, but I had no reason to do it so freely.”Whilst getting up the raven kept an eye on the boy, for any showing of tremors and such, sometimes the past became present, and not even him could stop it. As powerful as a demon can be, the human mind would break more if he tried to manipulate it, as well the teen here would change.

                       Carefully, not to startle the Noble, Sebastian put a hand on his shoulder.”Come we need to make a  cake is that not so?The lady will definitely be very charmed by the time you invested into.”and a light squeeze was given before his hand brushed down the Earls arm. All way down pass the elbow and to the thin wrist and palm. Having the demon hold their hands like this was not the first time, only that otherwise this occurred when he pressed his lips against each knuckle of it, a sign of loyalty. This time tho it seemed different even to him, what exactly he could not put a finger on. “Come, let me show you how.”


The little Phantomhive had struggled hard not to flinch when he felt the demon’s hand on his shoulder. It took him everything not to yell out, don’t touch me!, much like he had all those years before. They had moved on from this and whether he would admit it aloud or not, Ciel had invested a certain amount of trust within the demon butler. It would not do to start from scratch again.

But when Sebastian’s lips brushed against his hand gently, the Earl actually shivered. It wasn’t a kiss, per se, but more an act of loyalty that it represented. The demon had done so on multiple occasions, but when his hands had been gloved. It felt strange to feel those cool lips grazing his bare skin softly, almost reverently. Ciel couldn’t decide whether he needed to pull away, instead he watched transfixed as the demon caressed his hand with gentle attention. 

His heart thudded in his chest as he recalled the the tender touch on his cheek and hand. What did it mean? Did it even mean anything? It probably didn’t mean anything… nevertheless, the boy felt strange. Fluttery, almost, if he had to put a word to it. Feeling ridiculous and like he was treading dangerous, unknown waters, he quickly arranged his face into one of alert keen-ness. These thoughts could be dissected and analysed later, in the privacy of his own room.

"I’m fine," Ciel said abruptly, pulling on his neck ribbon. It suddenly felt tighter than usual, giving him very little room to breathe. Where had all the air gone in the room?

"Show me how to make that cake."

As they made their way to the kitchen together, one word alighted in the young Phantomhive’s mind. A word that seemed to agree with the confused and conflicted thoughts that seemed to be colliding into one another relentlessly. One that didn’t give a reason, but explained why he had been feeling so… peculiar when Sebastian stroked his cheek and kissed his hand…


⊰ ♞ ⊱—; The struggles and inner war which brewing were within the boy was adding sweetness to the already damaged soul, so lovely that almost tasted it could be on the devils tongue. But more than that it carried weight to Sebastian that in fact, he was the one causing this, he was the one whom breaking was bit by bit through the Earls thick wall of resistance. Be it mental or emotional now, no matter the contingencies, once again his hand was taken and no one else’s.

                   ”Very well, now that you are calmed down a bit I think we are ready for the next step.”following behind the smaller male Sebastian mused how still he tried to walk with dignity, head held high when smallest cracks already spread their reach inside of him.

                   Upon reaching their destination Sebastian was already in the process of removing his coat, putting it on the hanger before reaching to help his Master out as well, after all it will get rather messy if one looked how the Earl could be.” First we will gather the needed ingredients, I assume that it will be you all alone gathering them. Now then shall we…. starting with eggs,flour,milk,sugar…”shaking his head the butler paused, when already here he rather offered a hand.”How about we make a bit more simple design, one that would not lead to wrecking of the kitchen, not that I say that the young Master could be any worse than Bardroy. But we can try first getting something smaller, and easier done before trying to do the end product?”

                   Dread already settled inside his stomach now, somehow a part of him already wished to stop this experiment that could go wrong, but the little excitement coming along was amusing the demon a tad too much, giving in was far more fun. Besides seeing some new sides of his Master  were welcome as well.

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Send me a “؎” for my muse’s reaction to yours offering them a lollipop that was in their mouth.

       ” ——Ew; I don’t believe
              you expect me to
            lick this too, because
              I’m not… ”

⊰ ♞ ⊱—; “Ho…and I thought that such a foul mouth
                 would take in anything offered to them…
                              well do forgive me.
                       That was a mistake on my part~”


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talk-to-tennant replied to your post: //As much as I wanted an official Ciel…

it’s 3rd, sweetie xD You don’t need an official ciel though, all right? You can have many if you want~ no /need/ to be an exclusive RPer, unless you want to be.

//Shhhh Ingrid it is th, what are you talking about I mean lol rd…..I mean nah never heard of it *laughs while fixing the mistake* x’D
nah I do not need one really badly, but would be nice to have one that I can develop my muse a BIT deeper-a tinnnyy bit….you know it is the same as if you would look for your Doctor the right sonic screwdriver- you can have many but there you would like to find one that fts his hand well, and would travel side by side with him for few years at least… x”’DDD


Haven’t drawn Kuroshitsuji in years…!

Just checking to see if I can  remember how to draw him

//As much as I wanted an official Ciel, it is good that I am waiting because I just see people quitting and leaving half the way… I already lost 2Ciel’s(3rd one was almost following) so now I am like super picky whom it is that I could consider for my of.Ciel…as bad as it makes me feel and sound.