⊰ ♞ ⊱—; Felling his eyebrow twitch almost the demon innerly felt a sense of relief, even if the youngling once again brought a challenge to overcome. That was one of the things which Sebastian, one could say, almost admired in the young charge. “But young Master, do I not always bring something sweet?You can rest assure that there will be something to sooth your little craving.”for if so ti would not be, then Hell would break free with the Earl leading it.



     No less than grumpy with his butler — as if he was ever any different with him, truly — Ciel then pressed a somewhat annoyed sigh through his nose as an elbow was placed atop his desk and knuckles rested against his cheek. The Young Lord waved to shoo the manservant from his quarters for the moment, scowl still prominent on his childish face and brows knit together at his forehead.

     ”Then do not disappoint me, Sebastian. Quickly now, or my lunchtime will be over.”

⊰ ♞ ⊱—; A battle won he would say, but not the war which seemed to hold a promise of great bloodshed between the Master and him, and oh how he anticipated it. “Have I ever disappointed you my Lord?Do not fret, you will be pleased, that is my job to do after all~”with a little bow the demon then walked out the room, heading for the kitchen where less than a hour he spent before returning to get the youngster to lunch.

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Oh my precious Raven Queen, I love your face and hair and everything about you. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

(( *hides and blushes* omfg *love her Spider Queen as well* ♥♥♥♥♥

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You are very pretty :)

//ayy..thank you darling it is very flattering to hear such words uwu<3




⊰ ♞ ⊱—; Calamity, sky erased of all clouds which would hide its  shades of azure a lovely sight there was nothing to tell against, but from time to time would the demon prefer a shade of grey to mark a start of natures outburst of hate.

              Sebastian not paying much of attention to the female at his side, smirked at the comment given”Is the fact who I am, telling you that such an event would not be worth my presence?”for it was  the contrary, the raven relished in the wildness that was unleashed within the eye of storm.



She wasn’t going to be able to see what she
used to be in solace after all. Truth is that
Mallory came to see the thunderstorm to get
a better look at how her work looked. It simply
was beautiful, and she took pride in the wonder-
full damage she, the storms, caused.

"Stay all you like, but keep your limits in check.
I’ve no desire of fighting. Do storms catch your
liking?” Maybe an admirer would boost her 
ego stroke her ego more than it already was.

⊰ ♞ ⊱—; Orders given by someone else beside his Master held no control over the demon, he did as he pleased and wished, how comical for the woman to think that he would obey her like a good dog should. Yet no matter what, the said female seemed to be something more than plain ordinary human, the aura around her was making the butlers hair on the along the neck rise, what a lovely surprise.

               ”Oh yes, nothing like the play of nature free to watch and enjoy, I am found of the raw power that she can bring to play, dance silently and featherlight, only to have the ground shaking and burning afterwards.”pausing for a moment his lips were pulled into a smile.”And you my dear, is it not too dangerous to be outside here, it seems that it will not to become better anytime soon.”

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Iza, for the love of all that good, why are you not here with me so I can hug you tightly and caress you and love you and just make you mine for a while before you have to do your things? Iza, you beautiful ball of sunshine, please let me love you.

please do…..I am ready for every touch given….more than ready



phantomhiveraven We should be careful around the topic of legs.

Oh dear, did I hear you say LEGS…..well look at that

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//You have amazing hair!

//Thank you darling uwu To be honest it is always the hair getting the compliments xD

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Happy munday! Be occupied with my face while I struggle to write some replies….God’s know that I need to…write…themmmm….hnnnngggg *falls to the ground*

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⊰ ♞ ⊱—; Rising a questionable brow the butler held his tongue behind sealed lips, had the human truly doubted his ‘capability’ to work at such small event, when there have been many happenings in this mansion of much greater role.
             ”Now Master, your words wound me. Have I ever failed to follow any of your orders, no matter how drunken they were with blood or simple request?”giving a small bow Sebastian’s lips curled into a smile, eyes never leaving those of the man standing before him. Always gentle was the appearance, always a smile gracing his face which hide more than one could tell.”I will make sure that nothing is amiss, rest assure.”


Should the Phantomhive state the real reason of his doubts as mere nervousness, he’d probably be mocked about it. The crow always seemed to be wearing a sarcastic grin specially made to be shown to the lord of the house, and that worked its way inside Vincent’s insecurities awakening the anger on its way to the core.

"The answer is already clear, butler, I seriously doubt your ego has been even bruised by mere words—— do have everything ready, it will be a private event that I intend to keep that way.”

The emphasis used as well as strong visual contact was supposed to say what was left unspoken: those who helped him with his missions were coming, and he wished not to be interrupted by anything.


⊰ ♞ ⊱—; “How well you know me… Master, I am flattered.”lifting an eyebrow Sebastian did hide his grin from spreading on thin lips. How humorous it could be to fool with humanity if one played his cards right, for why not use this little time among them when nothing else could be done with them.

                  “As I said, everything will be ready. The drinks as ordered with few snacks for both the gentleman and of course the lady coming along. I wonder tho…”tilting his head to the side the demon released a small sigh. There is one person which is tending to devour half of the prepared food,”Should I prepare more sandwiches this time, if my memory is not playing tricks on me there was one specific person who indeed devoured them in one breath.”And preparing few more should not be of a problem.

                      Brushing the small matter aside Sebastian’s gaze fell back onto the Phantomhive Heir, both males hid underneath a perfect mask and hid a darkness not fit for others to see.”Is that all you would be needing of me my Lord?”



"I’m all yours. Take me~"


"Do not say it twice, for i will not be able to hold myself back."

one hell of a butler

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The Demon and His Butler || Offical Art
phantomhiveraven asked ;  
"Young Master, how lovely to see you back unharmed, I must admit that worry had been holding its grip over me until now. "




▐ ♚ —;


            ❝Your concern is unnecessary, Sebastian.❞ A faint smirk graces the earl’s lips, hardly concealing the taunt behind his next words. ❝Albeit undeniably laudatory.

⊰ ♞ ⊱—; Arching a brow the butler could tel that at least the wits of the Noble were still in tact, no changes could be done in few days of course.”Why you may find them unnecessary indeed, what kind of a butler would I be if your well being was not concerning me.”uttered the demon with a tug of lips arching into a smile.”Anything to satisfy you my Lord.  I hope the meeting went well then?”


▐ ♚ —;


          Foreseeing such answer, the earl offered a curt —but ample in its meaning— reply, his smirk now replaced with a mask of impassiveness. ❝It went as expected.❞ A pause was made, followed by a query as he allowed his back to rest against the armchair. ❝I trust the completion of this meeting also signifies the conclusion of today’s schedule?❞ As advantageous and even profitable as these business meetings could be, they were constantly plagued with heavy monotony. Thus, a source of boredom.

⊰ ♞ ⊱—; Following the youngster the demon took the place beside the Earl, crossing hands behind his back while listening closely. The voice which he  was used to for years now, sounded monotone, no spiritedness only tiredness which soaked every uttered word.”Seeing as how tired you are young Master, there are some papers which came on behalf of the company, it seems that in Europe they took quite an interest with Funtom.”for which the butler knew not if the boy felt concern at all, since when he ceases will that name as well.