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                                                               written by: ansel

                           ◆  portrayal is based on headcanonstranslated
                                         summaries of lost small world.

                                    ◆  knowledge: k project; memory of red; days of blue;
                                         translated summaries of lost small world.
                                    ◆  mun is 18+; blog is heavily nsfw——blood, mental
                                         abuse & gore especially. 
◆  novella/crack/chats/one-liners/para/tags are all
                                    ◆  multi-fandom/au/crossover/oc friendly!  
                                    ◆  mun is friendly & awkward. skype is available to
                                         mutuals upon request.
                                    ◆  i’m just a dork! homg. talk to me about shoose tbh.

                                             ❝ heroes
                                                          e x i s t.

                                          ᴅᴇɴ ; ᴀᴩᴩʀᴏᴀᴄʜɢᴜɪᴅᴇʟɪɴᴇs ; ʜᴇᴀᴅᴄᴀɴᴏɴs 

                                                                      art by: { x }

Anonymous asked ;  
idk why the 2 ciel theory makes me angry. I RESPECT THAT YOU LIKE IT BTW, im truly not trying to hate, bc i want to be able to enjoy it. I just dint know. just the thought of ciel not being ciel or having another ciel takes the speciality out of 'ciel'

//AH no dear I actually dislike the thought of it for as well, not to mention that it would be really out of context and totally wtf if it were true. Since with all respect….even if Yana put in hints in the first volume, they all kinda lost the meaning with the continuation of the said manga.Ciel’s family members, from Madam Red to Frances and Lizzy and so on, never even gave the slightest idea that there would be a twin.But if the theory is true then just wow….ok.
    I have a feeling that the thing Yana mentioned on her blog to be hidden in the first volume is something else, but kill me if it is that Sebastian is now actually Vincent, or Ciel suddenly grows a twin there like 10years and only ‘little hints here and there’, or that Sebastian killed Ciel’s parents, that he had a contract with Vincent before ….I don’t know honestly everything is open.In the end the great secret will be that The Demon serving Ciel is actually the dog that died back there.Or that the dog was Ciel’s brother ajdkhgakjdhg *flips shit* 

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The demon and his master.

Anonymous asked ;  
yo mama

⊰ ♞ ⊱—;”My mother?I must warn you then faceless Phantom, the mother of all demon, Lilith….is not one to call upon so freely.But be my guest and earn yourself the well deserved demise.”It was none of his worries why one would call out to that thing like this, Lilith an old and first demon shaped by hands of Lucifer was most likely not one to chat with.


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Anonymous asked ;  
Iza, you truly don't understand how obsessed I am with you. I always want to check on you, on your blog. See if you're doing well, and I just can't get you out of my mind. Since the day that you offered to listen to me when those horrible thoughts of gore plagued my mind you've been a light in my life. I might sound cheesy or ridiculous, but I am so glad I came to you once I had those thoughts. I've been feeling better and I hope you are fairing good as well. Thank you so much.

//omgshhh xD Aw hun can I just first say that I am really happy to see that you are doing now better, it is like a stone fell of my heart…phew….*hugs you tight* I always here and you can freely come to talk ^^ 
And tbhh getting this ask just made my evening thank you as well dear *holds you tight*♥

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Anonymous asked ;  
sebastian is so hot it make me horn horn

⊰ ♞ ⊱—; This Phantom had not sparked even a bit of curiosity in the demon, as what they tried to tell or put as a matter of facts.”I apologise for…the inconvenience dear Phantom.Tho it is quite odd for you to obtain horns?-because of me.”



 ⊰ ♞ ⊱—; Oh the beast that raged inside the fragile corpse that was dragged along, the raven could see it slowly breaking.Like a diamond might a demon be, rough and untouched in all its for, covered by layers of dirt as longer it is kept away from hands that can smitten it into perfection.And those hands shall be his, bit by bit even if for now the crow was the one pushing around, slowly will his feather be plucked one by one;until nothing but bare and defenseless corpse will be to see.

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         No wealth of silver nor gold, nor even a righteous soul could whet his palate in this manner; a craving far reaching that of normal desire; no, this too of lust and violence devoured the Crow’s inner course of thought. Dearest kin, now chiming verses he too longs for dismantling, the Crow seeks for his tremblings of marrow and bone, preferably between his coveted limbs while too his vocals thrum of an imploring tone…

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Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus + Episode 1

Anonymous asked ;  
I send my best regards from hell.

⊰ ♞ ⊱—; “Oh my, since when is the population of that cursed place so polite?”a tilted of  head was made as the butler starred at the Phantom, such odd thing to receive these days.”And may I find out whom it is that had the kindness remembering me?”


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⊰ ♞ ⊱—; “Hm…lately there had been some noises coming from the cellar, I wonder if we got more rats…or- “chuckling to himself the butler took one of the white candles as he made his way toward the said place with gentle clicking of each step.”…or just one single giant one, which is causing some tumult.”




                   He flinched to feel the   s t a t i c   touch of the butler, his whole being freezing in place as he could feel a twitch of both bear and unease fill his system.

                                             What was this lunatic pulling off?

                  He understood the demon’s utterance as a sort of comfort, though it was far from such a thing. Plain   m o c k e r y . It was the only way of describing it. Even so Sasori’s never had the   p l e a s u r e   of seeing Sebastian in a pitiful state, he’s always imagined and had a few dreams of such a thing occurring sooner or later. That said, he still had a chance to display his   s a d i s t i c   side at least in this aspect.


                                   He filled his lungs with a shallow breath, almost not enough to replace the lost ones he’s not yet inhaled due to holding his breath by a thin line.

                                                Then, came his break down.

              He fell upon the cold ground on the two of his knees, heading to cling to the material of the butler’s clothes and in any way restrain himself from crying. Yes, rarely does he feel the   f e a r   as he does not, and rarely does he find a chance to cry, though there was no mistaking it, he was in a world of troubles now that a revolution broke out, and he was the figure bound to be brought down by the   p a w n s .

                        “————Sebastian— Sebast—ian——" ,he couldn’t even utter a proper sentence. "————You—— you can’t let me   d i e —— not int his place— not—— you’ll help me….——

                                                you’ll help me RIGHT!?————

⊰ ♞ ⊱—; Every tremor running through the delicate corpse of his flesh could be felt by the demon, even stronger so for the contact that held was with their hands linked together ; what a poor performance from the male.And here he had thought hat it would take a bit time, and some work to get the younger male into a state of such frenzy, robbing him of his pride and never ending hunger for flesh of his own kind.

                 What more was to expect of a human and their delicate minds, if they would be to see horrors which he had lived through, Sebastian wondered if there would have stayed any living at all.”Help you?”now the ravens eyes widened in false astonishment while Sasori fell on his knees, begging like a filthy animal with no other choice.It was a scene he had seen far too often, being used to the bowed head and sobbing noises while he simply….

                                                                 -did not care.

                   ”If I am to say yes….what would there be in for me, why should I offer you my hand whilst you wish to tear it off the moment our eyes meet.”Sebastian bent his leg a bit, using his knee to lift the males head up just to see the expression that oddly looked so bizarre, unnatural for those glaring hues that wished to burn him alive as they watched.”As a guest of Phantomhives….you are assured safety from my young Master,as a servant I must obey.But do not toy around too much Sir, for you have not yet seen Hell shown by vicious beast as a demon himself.You are far from innocent as you try to sell yourself”

Anonymous asked ;  
The writer for this blog is someone whom I greatly admire; truly, an inspiration for not only how they write and convey the muse, but them themselves. You are so precious, yet your worth seems at times lost to you. While this saddens me, you've all my warmest wishes that light, no matter if it is by the moon or sun, will shine and guide you. We love you, Isa, more than you know, you are greatly cherished amongst us. I hope you are doing well, darling. Take care

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//Leigh I know this is you because….I just now it is ;_;
Whilst you give me the most loving words, I can only  give them back at you.Thank you for everything darling,precious gem among others, I hope we stay good friends till the last star loses its light ♥♥

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"Why do you suppose no one knows what punishment the Queen’s guard dog inflicts? It’s because dead men tell no tales." 

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