cielphantomhivesqueen asked ;  
Happy birthday! :D have a great day sweetie

//Aww thank you darling :D I hope you will have a great day as well *hugs you*♥♥

NOOO WHY IS EVERYONE SO FAST I’m laaaaate I was asleep sorry ;_; And I can’t even finish the draw today, I’m a loser and I call myself an artist I know, maybe tomorrow, or tomorrow tomorrow, I don’t know I can’t anymore man it’s doesn’t even matter it looks so cheap you might not even look at it twice ;_; Anyway, have this first and I love you okay, a lot, tons, more than anyone, notice me you damn shit, I love you, I love you, I love you, ugh those words fucking suck since everyone can say it, they don’t even represent what I feel for you, oh no no don’t even dare say it’s mutual because it’s not and no I hate you so fucking damn much I wish I could kick you away but I can’t you are so dear to me you have no idea, now happy birthday, my beautiful lil angel, stay strong, stronger, even if you fall I will be here and hold you, even if there’s no one anymore I will be here and hold you until the very end, I sound like Sebastian right now I know but shut up lemme finish. I won’t wish you happiness since it never lasts forever, but I wish everything you need, wish that you have every good day, maybe not every but many many good days. Have a nice time and don’t you dare cry today I will slap the shit out of you because today you were born and thus I could meet you 2 years back, the worst thing that ever happened in my life because you make me love you so much it hurts, I did not regret though, maybe a little hahaha, but hell we can’t go back or click undo button and I can’t live without you anymore, now gimme your penis and go celebrate, I bet with you with all of my sebaciel doujinshis that I will still be there the next year and the next and the next, forever, infinite, life sucks I know I KNOW but YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE SO DON’T GIVE TOO MUCH FUCK AND LIVE AND TRY TO BE HAPPY A LOT. I’M WITH YOU, ALWAYS ♥ ♥ ♥

there u go, the way I talk to my best friend, me out *crawls back in the corner*

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asdfhglkfgl; OMG! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, AMAZING PERSON! Ahh, I just love everything about you and your blog! Your love for Kuro and other anime rivals my own and I bow down to you! I hope today is ridiculously special for you! *kisses* ^_^

//Aw lil anon baby…this is so sweet from you truly, I am glad you like my lil blog here and all.Thank you for your sweet wishes hun *kisses nose and holds* ♥♥♥

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Happy Birthday!!! I love you and this blog so much!!!! -from the god anon

//OH MY GOD!!!The anon who is….well God omg I love you dear XD!!And thank you so much *kisses cheeks of God*♥♥♥

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// Oh gosh thank you all so, so, so ,so much for the best wishes and for the edits and everything you wrote, you are amazing and I love you all and thank you once again ;A;

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{{ Happy birthday! Hope it's amazing. }} --theyoungmasterphantomhive

//aayeeee thank you darling! *huggles you and kisses nose* hope your day will be great as well ^^♥

for-the-love-of-sheeran asked ;  
Happy Birthday love! Your presence on tumblr always makes my day. I hope your day was absolutely special!! :D xx

//Awww hun, this is so sweet of you to say!!!Thank you so so much and I hope I will be able to bring a smile on your face from here on as well :D <3

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Ahshdhdhdjdikd why didn't you tell meeeeee ukeeee husbandoooo ahhhh Happy Birthdayyyy!!!! Ahshdh I need to make you somethingggg XD -hugs- I hope you have a lovely bday babu!

//iasjfbaosjdbg YOU ARE THE UKE BECAUSE YoU FORGOT! XD  Dunno man I just don’t go from a person to person and yell - soon is my bdayyy…. i am not like that  ^^’
Thank you my little uke I love you so much ok now come and hug me you lil shit!♥♥♥


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{kasfdgjkl} {happy birthday senpai ♥} {lots of love from joker & me!!}

// no no no no here is no senpai no, you see one? where nope xD Aww thanks to both of you *kisses cheeks of mun and muse* I love you both darlings ok♥♥♥♥

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~Meow~ A very very Happy Birthday Sebby *KISSES* I love yooouuuuuuuu !!!!! prrrrr

//AAaaa thank you dear ^^ *pats your head and tickles ears* ♥♥

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Happy Birthday!

//aaaaaa aihbgikadg thank you darling >.< *kisses face* love u  :D ♥

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Happy Birthday!!!!


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//THANK YOU DILdil! xD *hugs tight* ♥