Frigid  winds  forcibly disgorge as a
       subtle content gently caressed pale
       features. B l i s s f u l  solitude, hes
       sought  and  most  assuredly found. 

                                 …or so he thought.

⊰ ♞ ⊱—; Rusty red, darker than wine hues gazed at the frame standing sturdy, proudly and somehow soft at the cliff. Winds strong as these have perked up the interest in the beast, to hunt and secure, to explore and sink its talons into those opposing him. Indeed, storms as these awakened bits of his other self from time to time, letting the wild cries of the wind grip and tear at his form till nothing was left for him to shed anymore.

                “What a lovely weather…do you not agree?”parted were the coral tinted petals to utter a sentence overused,but it fit this, fit the stranger whose being he yet had to understand and see.

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Are you trying to seduce zero kiryu?

⊰ ♞ ⊱—; A flash of confusion painted the butlers visage, why such conclusions or suspecting were made even if he had uttered a sweet ‘Hello’, or any other word which far away was from meaning well, it always came back to this end. “Well I must be straightforward and say no, I have absolutely no desire to seduce him any way. We did not have many occasions to have even a proper chit chat yet dear Phantom, and  as for now I see nothing which would spike my interest….no matter who~and what he is.”

               Looks and species mattered not much, as long a death God was not mingling there, what the beast craved was something new. Something that could shock and thrill him to the bone, something that would not follow all the patterns he was more than used to.”Besides, if I would have any intention to seduce anyone,-“giving a small wink to the masked guest the butler chuckled.”- you would definitely know that I am doing just that.”


Isn't it? Lady Sullivan.
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Mun, I am amazed how you write all very well and in detail. Your texts are big, but are not tiresome. They instigate and captivate. Big kiss and nice night.

// Oh gosh dear anon, such a simply sweet ask made my night, I am beyond happy to hear that my writing is to your liking, and is not tiresome at a point. You are a darling,thank you so much honestly, I do hope that I will continue to captivate you,and pull you into worlds beyond ours in the future as well ~ *holds you tight*

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     He enjoyed the darkness, blending into it smoothly, taking the Devil’s hand and letting him lead him further into depravity. It didn’t seem right to dance with the Devil in the morning or the afternoon. The witching hour was a much more fitting time to play with fire.

     After all, a light is only worth the darkness it was enveloped in.

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Anonyme a dit : If for example 2 brothers wanted to make a contract with you, they have the same wish, the 2 became your masters or just one?

⊰ ♞ ⊱—; “If both of them would willingly put their souls on my palm, then by all means one would be Masters of mine, but it depends on how promising the souls are, if both hold great allure then both could hold the chain which holds me down.”Yet in his years as a demon there were not many such cases to recall, no matter how strong a bond of brothers was it could be cut apart by fear, by the unknown which was his existence as well. No matter how much humans would tell that family is one thing never to be betrayed, they would be quite shocked to know of his past contracts and rotten wishes he was called upon.

                “Even so, as a demon I would dive in for the one brother whose will is stronger and soul as not breakable, if not then where would all the fun be in molding my own soul out from all the emotional garbage that you humans can carry with you. They would be first to be led back into the light, find love and grasp it with smiles on their lips…..nay such a thing would be not much favorable not  for me. I desire a soul sturdy even if the fundament is breaking and swaying, a soul and mind worth of my time and name.”

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Do you know kung-fu?

⊰ ♞ ⊱—; Finally a bit more clever and zesty inquiries started to flood his direction, not that some of the other kind were not making him boil at some times, it was all depending on how one would come to ask and get rid of his curiosity. Leading back to the Phantom before him right now, who chose a more open field and not some private issues that the butler even if a demon, did not find eager to answer to.

                   ”Why yes of course I am knowing of the Chinese martial arts, the legends thyselves tell that art of it started over 4,000 years ago so I would say that by now I somehow did grasp it?”Corners of his lips tugged were upwards to form a smile, why indeed such things have started years and years ago, by the people who meant it as no harm but for the sake of survival and hunt. Over the past decades then it was perfected into quite a promising style, only to fade away again, it was a little disappointment not only the fact that he among his kin was more than capable understanding it, for the spite of seeing humans trying so desperately to win over him.”The young Lord once tried to sneak out on his duties one time with the trick where he invited a master of the said art, saying if he won that the work can be left off for tomorrow. Pity that the man in the end….lost of course.”

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Chapter 97 : That Butler, Curiosity
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